A recent article by David Isle on Will Boehlke’s always usefull A Suitable Wardrobe, sparked my interest. Not only was it a call to use the classic illustrations of the Apparel Arts as inspiration to wear bolder shirts, but a reminder that bold accessories blend better with grounds that equal their intensity, a massively busy tie or pocket square screams out from a sea of bland sky blue shirting and plain suiting.

Whilst my outfit will not be for everyone, my combination is for me. A bow with dark spots on a pale ground, red & white butcher striped shirting, a crimson over-checked three piece, with Deco-tastic peeked lapels & D.B. waistcoat, finished off with a pair vintage suede oxfords, a brown paisley square of linen stuffed haphazardly into its pocket & a battered hat & trench-coat.

Some may feel that a Fedora & trench smack a little of ‘costume’, but I often wear a hat, I’m comfortable in them & it shows. More importantly. whilst my combination of four patterns, is busy, & probably not business meeting appropriate, I’m a barman, it doesn’t matter. Hopefully, due to the careful restriction to blending colours that echo each other throughout the outfit, none of the individual items jumps out & screams ‘Look at Me’!

People are often a little surprised by my manner of dress. I wear Suits! I have no need, by the modern standard, to wear tailored clothing, indeed in recent months, I have, I must admit, been dressing more and more in ‘work-wear’, but my heart belongs to tailored clothing, & girls who wear hats!



Ties From Henry Carter

I just received two ties from Henry Carter - their ties are always tasteful, well made and represent some of the best value in the menswear market these days.

The first is a beautiful wool challis tie in brown and red which I plan to wear in the colder months. 

The second is the burn orange zigzag knit tie which is a great complement to an older Henry Carter orange knit tie that I already own.

Some people may be worried that they would be doubling up if they got the burnt orange but already own the orange knit tie. As you can see above, they are very different hues of orange so there is no cause for concern.

As with my other Henry Carter ties, I’m expecting to get a lot of use out of them and would recommend that you try one for yourself especially during the current sale!